PM Lubricants are used across a wide spectrum of industries such as:
  • Engineering and Workshop Owners 
  • Farmers and Harvesting Contractors 
  • Road Transport, Coach and Taxi Fleet Owners
  • Excavators and Cranes
  • Motor Racing
Following is a sampling of comments from PM customers from various industries on the effectiveness of PM's lubricant products and lubrication concept. This is their experience in their own words.

Engineering and Workshop Owners

Jim Bernard – Proprietor, Transport and Engineering Services, Brisbane, Queensland

I regard PM Lubricants as the best petroleum based lubricant in the world. I started using PM in 1983. I reluctantly tried them out in some of our own vehicles after talking to Keith Kelley and we were quite astonished at some of the results we got. Today we use PM Lubricants exclusively in our workshop, unless the customer specifies something else. We look after a number of transport fleets, again with astonishing results. We also get a quite varied range of other gear that comes into our workshop from light to heavy earth moving equipment, boats, cars and 4WD's. We look after many vehicles regularly doing 100,000 Klms and more between oil changes using PM.
One customer with seven trucks has a big Mitsubishi truck that's done 235,000 Klms since its last oil change. We were monitoring the oil with a Lubri-Sensor and changing its filters between 16,000 and 20,000 Klms, about every three weeks on average. It used to use a small amount of oil all the time, which is why it went so far between changes, but still that is quite incredible. His other trucks are Hino's and Isuzu's and we regularly get 70,000 to 90,000 Klms between oil changes with them.
We use the PM grease, gear and diff oils right through the trucks, with the PM800 fuel system conditioner in the fuel. The PM800 is quite amazing in what it does. We recently pulled the injectors and turbo out of one of his trucks at 730,000 Klms, for testing and inspection. They were serviced and sent back to us, basically untouched, to be put back in, because there was nothing wrong with them. At that mileage, the injectors are usually chipped or quite worn. The turbo-charger also went back in without a seal kit, which again is unheard of. Using PM is really paying off for that company.
Tony Hannigan, our first customer to give PM a go all those years ago at our say so, got amazing results. He owned a '71 V8 Turbo-Charged Kenworth. We did an oil change every 80,0000 to 90,000 Klms and a filter change every 20,000 Klms, or about once a month. Tony did over 1.2 million Klms in it before he sold it and it was still going like a train. We had similar tremendous results out of his next two trucks as well, on the same oil and filter change schedules.
Contrary to what people believe, that, if you use a high quality product like PM that gives the long life that it does, you will cut your workshop out of business with it because you're not doing as many services. Well, it's just not true. It works for us and even with extended oil drain periods, we still have more than enough work. We end up getting all their service work, all their repair work and they just keep coming back to you.
That come-back work is more important than all the first time work you will ever have. PM has done that for us and we are true believers in it. All our customers are extremely happy with it, we are happy to use it and recommend it and I can only see good for PM, for the people who sell it and for the customers, because everyone is getting the benefit out of it.

Chris Van Mierlo, Proprietor, Mossman Truck and Machinery Repairs, Far North Queensland

I've been using PM Lubricants now since about 1983-84. I first started using it in final drives, transmissions and hubs of Mercedes Benz trucks to pull the temperature down and it worked very well. From there on we've seen the benefit of it, so we've just kept going with it.
We've got an F816 Volvo pulling B-doubles running at 65 tonne gross and a Volvo NL 10 and an NL 12 Volvo pulling single trailers at about 42 tonne gross. They'd done between 700,000 and one million kilometres and we were having problems with tight changing transmissions. The boxes were also getting noisy, so we decided to put PM104 Synchro-Gearlife 50/90 gear oil in the gearboxes. After putting the PM Synchro-Gearlife in them they smoothed right out, ran cooler and quieter and the drivers report the vehicles are now driving as they were when they were new - and that's with nearly a million kilometres on them.
I've got one bloke with an International 466 engine in a concrete agitator truck. He does a lot of trips up and down the local range every day. On normal oil, on his first trip for the day he would maintain good oil pressure, on the second trip he would start losing oil pressure and by his third trip of the day, his oil pressure would drop to a quarter of his original pressure. We put him on PM Turbolife engine oil and now, 20,00 kilometres later, still with the same oil; he maintains full oil pressure going up that range all day. He's more than happy. He's since changed his whole fleet plus all his machinery, tractors and motorcars to PM and he's more than happy with it.
On cattle trailers, we were initially having an early bearing failure rate until I changed over to PM's 80/90 Diff/Gear life oil in the bearing hubs. Now we go from brake-lining to brake-lining, about 100,00 kilometres, without a problem, and that's on rough, corrugated, dirt roads in the Peninsular and around the Gulf, in Far North Queensland.
We've been using PM Lubricants for over 16 years now. In my experience, we've had great success with it in Road-Ranger transmissions, Rockwell diffs, Mercedes Benz diffs and hub reduction units. It has really shone in those, it's pulled at least 20 degrees out of the temperature of the diffs and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone. The proof is there – I've seen it!

David Farlow, Mechanical Workshop Proprietor, Caloundra, Queensland

I've been using PM oil in my workshop since 1993. When I first heard about it from one of my customers, I tested some and found it to be as good as they said. I began to use it in a serious manner and have virtually given away the other commercial brand which I was using and now almost exclusively use PM oil in all my customers vehicles.
I also use the PM800 fuel system conditioner for cleaning dirty fuel injectors. Customers appreciate this because it does a fantastic job and saves them the expense of me pulling injectors out and servicing them. We just run a few tanks of petrol with the fuel additive, which cleans the whole fuel system and the injectors and the vehicles run very nicely.
Another customer with a Louisville truck running a V8 Caterpillar engine, would lose oil pressure at 200 hours and then have to change the oil at 250 hours when using his normal commercial oil. He bought some PM oil from me at full retail price, which was a lot dearer than what he was used to paying. After 250 hours on PM, his oil pressure was still the same as when he first put the oil in. We also monitored the oil at 250 hours with a Lubri-Sensor, changed the filters and just topped up the oil because it was still OK.
At 500 hours and 750 hours it was the same story. At 985 hours we decided to drain the oil, and why not, it had more than payed for itself. We had a lab sample done and they reported wear rates of 0.14 parts per million per hour. Caterpillar accept 1 part per million per hour as normal, so the wear rates were not quite 10 times better and that was on oil that had done 735 hours more than the normal 250 hours. My customer was ecstatic. The extra expense of PM had more than payed for itself.
I put PM in all the cars I service. The main advantage is that it lasts so long and in a normal car I get 20,000 Klms out of it. I always monitor the oil at 10,000 Klms and change the filter. My customers are very happy with this, as it saves them the cost of an oil change and I'm happy because I don't have to dispose of so much used oil.
Automotive workshop owner
Truck at workshop for engineering services
Lubri-Sensor Oil Quality Analyser
Lubri-Sensor Oil Quality Analyser

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