PM Lubrication Concept/Average Operating Costs/Ways to Save Money

PM Lubrication’s Concept

The Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept ®

Put simply, PM's Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept® combines two Key Technologies:
  • PM's own very high quality, preventative maintenance, long life lubricants used in conjunction with
  • PM's unique, "on-site, diagnostic, electronic oil quality monitoring service"® incorporating the use of Lubri-Sensor or Lube-Safe electronic oil quality monitors.
On-Site monitoring is backed up by PM Lubricants Identigraph Reporting Procedures®, Laboratory Analysis Support and PM Laboratory Report Interpretation.

The Benefits of PM’s Revolutionary Lubrication Concepts

The proven benefits of combining these two technologies and their associated procedures are numerous and well documented. Owners and operators using this revolutionary Lubrication Concept experience:
  • Up to 100,000 Klms or 1,000 hour oil drain intervals and more in road transport, agricultural, marine and earthmoving equipment (with complete safety)
  • 20 to 50,000 Klms oil drain intervals in cars (with complete safety)
  • An average 50% saving and reduction in maintenance and repair costs
  • A 10% average improvement in fuel economy
  • Eliminate up to 4 out of 5 oil drains, greatly reducing the volume of used oil requiring disposal, therefore reducing environmental damage.
Because the oil in service is regularly tested on-site using a Lubri-Sensor or Lube-Safe Electronic Oil Quality Analyser, owners and operators always know exactly the condition of their oil and equipment. 

More Than Just a Drum of Oil

During the mid 1980's PM Lubricants pioneered this unique, revolutionary and extremely cost-effective lubrication concept. The idea was to bridge the large gap of shortcomings associated with traditional lubrication techniques.
As you know, with traditional lubrication and maintenance practices:
  • You need to change your oil at frequent, preset intervals
  • You don't know the condition of your oil without expensive lab tests
  • Components wear out and break down without warning
  • Time, money and resources are wasted unnecessarily
  • You suffer frequent downtime and lost time and downtime in any form costs you lost business, productivity and profitability.

You Must Think Outside the Traditional Square!

Lateral thinkers and people who can think outside the square of traditional lubrication practices readily use PM’s concept.The Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept has been so successful since its inception in the mid 80's that we absolutely guarantee its results.  Using this simple but highly effective concept will:
  • Save you a lot of time and money
  • Safely extend oil drain intervals by 3 to 10 times further than usual
  • Take the guesswork out of oil condition and oil changes
  • Genuinely and significantly increase equipment life and reliability
  • Greatly reduce maintenance and down time costs
  • Help you increase productivity and profitability.

PM's Guarantee

The results reported by customers who adopt this concept are so consistent that in the early 90's we established our guarantee.We guarantee that by adopting and using the Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept you will convert at least 15% of your fleet operating costs into bottom line profit!”

Average operating costs

According to the findings of a survey of about 115 major US trucking fleets, representing hundreds of thousands of vehicles, it was determined that average vehicle and equipment operating costs can be broken down as per the percentages shown in this pie graph.
Of great interest to PM Lubricants are the two largest costs and the smallest cost, because using PM products can make a big difference to the outcome of these figures.
  • Fuel - 37%  (of Total Operating Costs)
  • Maintenance - 27%  (of Total Operating Costs)
  • Lubricants - just 1%  (of Total Operating Costs)
On average:
  • Fuel and Maintenance together cost you 64 cents in every dollar or 64% of your Total Operating Costs
  • Lubricants only cost you 1 cent in every dollar or 1% of your Total Operating Costs.
It is also a well-proven fact that the quality of the lubricants you use plays a significant part as to whether or not your Fuel and Maintenance costs increase or decrease.

Because of their exceptional quality and very high film strength, it is a well-proven fact that using PM Lubricants will DECREASE your Fuel and Maintenance costs quite substantially.

Long Term Affordability

PM lubricants cost more than normal commercial lubricants to buy, but more than 20 years of results show that if you increase expenditure on lubricants from 1% to 2% or 3% of your total operating costs by purchasing PM's better quality lubricants, you will actually DECREASE your fuel costs by at least 10% and DECREASE your Maintenance costs by a massive 50%.These statements are not fiction and the figures quoted are well proven and documented. To understand and discover how using better quality lubricants can DECREASE your total operating cost by a guaranteed 15%, read the following information on this page.Click the following links to jump down to a topic.
Discover how to "Convert 15% Of Your Total Operating Costs Into Profit" - Guaranteed!
“Whole of Life” Evaluation Of Your Lubricants
Proven “Whole of Life” Benefits Using PM Lubricants

How You Can Convert 15% Of Your Total Operating Costs Into Profit Guaranteed!

Since 1982, people using PM’s premium quality, preventative maintenance lubricants together with the Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept in all manner of vehicles and equipment, have been reporting impressive operating cost savings. On average, PM clients enjoy a 15% saving and reduction in Total Operating Costs.
Customers report that:
The initial cost to buy PM’s Premium Quality, Preventative Maintenance Lubricants is usually a bit higher, but, after following the principles of the Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept for a while, owners and operators are delighted to discover that the noticeable improvement in performance, plus the huge maintenance cost savings they experience, more than justifies the small increase in lubricant costs.
In fact, many have said that what they save in fuel alone more than covers the extra cost of PM oil. PM customers discover that, even though the initial purchase price of PM's Premium Quality Lubricants is 2 to 3 times more than ordinary oil, the extra investment soon pays off.
On average, customers report a massive 50% reduction and saving in maintenance costs, i.e. 50% of their previous maintenance costs now stays in their pocket, and a 10% average improvement in fuel economy. In relation to overall operating costs, that means their two major operating costs, Fuel and Maintenance, drop, on average, to:
  • Fuel - 33.3% of Total Operating Costs - down from 37%
  • Maintenance - 13.5% of Total Operating Costs - down from 27%
The initial outlay on Lubricants increases from 1% of Total Operating Costs to 2% to 3%, but because PM Lubricants last so long in service, they eventually reduce their overall lubricant requirements by up to 80% - so overall oil costs actually decrease.
On average, Fuel and Maintenance costs drop from 64 cents per dollar of Total Operating Costs, down to 46.8 cents per dollar of Total Operating Costs – a saving of 17.2 cents per dollar!
Lubricant costs initially increase from 1 cent per dollar of Total Operating Cost to 2 to 3 cents per dollar of Total Operating Cost, but in the long term, could cost you less than 1 cent per dollar.
The end result then of buying PM's Premium Quality, Preventative Maintenance Lubricants at 2 to 3 times the purchase price of ordinary lubricants, and using them in conjunction with the Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept, is a 15% average saving and reduction in your Total Operating Costs - Guaranteed!
That is a SAVING of 15 cents per dollar of Total Operating Costs, or $150 per $1,000. Would that  help your bottom line? 

“Whole Of Life” Evaluation of Your Lubricants

The primary purpose of any lubricant is to:
  • Reduce friction, heat and wear
  • Provide protection against their damaging and expensive effects on your equipment.
In this sense, lubricants provide Protective Insurance.
Therefore, you shouldn’t regard lubricants as a consumable item like fuel, to be purchased at the cheapest price per litre. It isn't sound financial management to buy lubricants at the cheapest price per litre!The few dollars you save buying cheap oil usually translates into expensive repairs in the workshop and higher fuel bills.Internationally, it is recognized that lubricants represent just 1% of your total operating costs, with Fuel being 37% and Maintenance 27%. But that one percent significantly effects fuel and maintenance costs for better or worse, depending on the quality of your lubricants.When purchasing any lubricants for your equipment, the following four parameters should be considered together if true cost effective lubrication is to be accomplished.
  • Purchase Price of Lubricant
  • Expected Useful Life of Lubricant (EUL)
  • Oil Quality Maintenance Costs over EUL
  • Disposal and Management Costs of Waste Oil
As lubricant manufacturers, PM Lubricants’ aim is to provide you with the best, most cost effective Protective Insurance possible in all their lubricant products. PM's Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept takes these parameters into account.PM Lubricants might cost a little more to buy, but if you compare “Costs per Annum” instead of “Costs per Drum” - you will soon discover there is a significant difference.Since 1982, PM Lubricant clients have repeatedly and consistently proven, that by spending a little more on better quality lubricants, the return to you is about a 15% reduction in overall operating costs.
Which means - it stays in your pocket.So, we invite you to compare "Costs per Annum" instead of "Costs per Drum" - you will discover a big difference.

Proven “Whole of Life” Benefits

Tomaximize the "Whole of Life" benefits of their lubricants, PM Lubricants proven, cost effective recommendation is:
Use premium quality, preventative maintenance lubricants in your equipment, which may mean investing 2 to 3 times more in the initial purchase price of those lubricants than you normally would (e.g., $8 per litre instead of $4 per litre).
However, this practice will effectively reduce your total annual oil requirements by up to 80%, actually reducing your overall annual lubricant costs and requirements.
Adopt PM's Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept and you will...
Safely extend Oil Drain Intervals and increase the Useful Life of your lubricants 3 to 10 times more than when using ordinary commercial lubricants, thus...
Saving frequent (OEM) scheduled oil drains and service costs, eliminating up to 80% of oil drains, while
**PM Lubricants recommends that you always change oil filters at OEM specified intervals or alternatively, gauge optimum filter life and change time with the use of a Lubri-Sensor Oil Quality Analyzer.

17 Ways to Save Time and Money

Below is a well-tested list of 17 time and money saving benefits consistently reported by PM Lubricants' customers since 1982.The extraordinarily high film strength built into all of PM's lubricants results in extremely low friction between moving parts. This "Fraction of the Friction" produces -
  • An average 10% saving in Fuel Costs
  • An average 50% saving in Maintenance and Repair Costs (i.e. a saving of $500 per $1,000 making more cash available for other priorities)
  • Greatly extended oil drain intervals with total safety, protection and peace of mind:
  • - In Diesel engines - up to 100,000 kilometres/1,000 hours and more
  • - In Petrol engines - up to 50,000 kilometres
  • - Up to 80% of your oil changes are eliminated, reducing your total oil usage requirements to about 1/5 - 1/4 of your present requirements
  • Cooler operating temperatures, resulting in higher sustained oil pressures, even on the hottest days in the toughest conditions.
  • Dramatically lower oil top up
  • Smoother, quieter running
  • Power and performance increase of up to 7% 
  • Higher, sustainable engine revs with ease
  • The use of higher gear ratios with less need to downshift
  • Heavier payloads
  • Significantly reducing friction, heat and wear (even with extended drain intervals)
  • Reduces breakdowns and replacement of parts
  • Extends engine, transmission, diff, final drive and hydraulic system life
  • Increases reliability and dependability
  • Makes starting easier
  • Increasing overall equipment availability
The overall saving on total operating costs reported by long-term users of PM Lubricants is an average of 15%. As PM users say, "By using PM's preventative maintenance lubricants and adopting their Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept, we have easily converted 15% of our operating costs into profit."
Your operating conditions, equipment type, application and condition will vary the results that you achieve. The percentages quoted above are averages of figures reported from all over Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and Malaysia since 1982. Many customers quote savings of up to 30%. 

The Four Major Benefits of High Film Strength

Four major streams of benefits flow from the Extraordinarily High Film Strength built into all PM Lubricants - all guaranteed to LIFT your bottom line!
1. How do PM Lubricants CUT your fuel consumption?

30% of fuel energy and power is normally burned up overcoming Frictional Drag. Drag effects ALL moving parts. PM's extraordinarily high film strength minimises frictional drag between moving parts, so fuel and power once burned up by fictional drag are now converted into extra power and performance.
Benefit: You will convert around $100 per $1,000 (10%) of your fuel bills into profit. This has been proven and verified by countless PM customers since 1982. PM customers report minimum fuel savings of 8-10% and maximum savings of up to 17.5%.
2. PM's extraordinarily high film strength minimises friction generated WEAR between moving parts, minimising the occurrence and damaging effects of Abrasive Wear Metal Debris. This significantly reduces...
  • Wear to all moving parts
  • Replacement of parts
  • Repairs, Labour and Downtime costs
Benefit: Based on hundreds of reports given to us by PM Clients since 1982, the figures indicate an average reduction in your Maintenance Costs of around 50% or $500 per $1,000.
3. PM's extraordinarily high film strength minimises friction generated HEAT between moving parts, giving you much cooler operating temperatures, even on the hottest days. This substantially reduces...
  • Oxidation and Thermal Degradation, preventing premature failure of the oil
  • Oil consumption and top up
These two factors enable you to safely extend...
  • Oil life 3 to 10 times longer than your ordinary commercial oils
  • Oil Drain Intervals up to 100,000km/1,000 hrs and more
Benefit: The amount of waste oil you generate every year will be reduced to about 1/4 or less of what you generate now. Plus, you save on ever increasing oil disposal costs, and think of all the empty oil containers you won't have to worry about anymore.
4. PM's extraordinarily high film strength minimises friction generated DRAG between moving parts giving you...
  • As much as a 7% increase in power (this has been verified by numerous independent dyno tests)
  • 10% average reduction in fuel consumption
(See 1 above)

This occurs because...
  • Everything moves far more freely and responds much faster without drag, therefore
  • Delivering much more power to the drive-line, which in turn adds even more benefits
More power means you can....
  • Operate in HIGHER gears at lower revs
  • REDUCE the number of gear changes, (further reducing gearbox wear)
  • Notably CUT travelling time WITHOUT increasing speed
  • Therefore, significantly REDUCING YOUR FUEL CONSUMPTION BY AROUND 10% or more.
Further benefits you will experience are...
  • Improved performance
  • The ability to pull HEAVIER loads more efficiently
Overall, "a Fraction of the Friction" helps you maximise the cost effectiveness, earning capacity and profitability of your TIME and EQUIPMENT.
Experience PM Lubricants Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept for yourself – call 07 3711 5822
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