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On-Site, Diagnostic, Electronic Oil Quality Monitoring 

(These units are currently unavailable but we are working on bringing a new model out very shortly)
On-Site, Diagnostic, Electronic Oil Quality Monitoring using a Lubri-Sensor or Lube-Safe, is the Key to:
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Peace of Mind
  • Profit Maximisation
  • Performance Maximisation
On-Site, Diagnostic, Electronic Oil Quality Monitoring gives you the ability to:
  • Electronically “look” at the quality, condition and total contaminant level of your lubricants
  • Take the guess work out of when to change your oil
  • Safely extend oil drain intervals by 3 to 10 times
  • Safely extract maximum useful life out of your oil
  • Safely and inexpensively extend the life of your equipment
The ability to measure total contaminant level of your oil ALSO enables you to “SEE” what is happening INSIDE YOUR EQUIPMENT, giving you advance warning of:
  • Potential lubricant degradation - by detecting excessive fuel, water or silicon (dirt) contamination and oxidation or fuel soot build-up
  • Mechanical failures - by detecting unusual wear metal debris levels, indicating potential and expensive parts failure
This ability essentially alerts and enables you to predict and plan maintenance, thus PREVENTING expensive, unscheduled breakdown maintenance, giving you MORE CONTROL over the WHERE, WHEN and HOW of your maintenance and servicing program.

Identigraph Reporting Procedures

To maximise the benefits of using a Lubri-Sensor, PM Lubricants developed their unique Identigraph Reporting Procedures. As oil in a particular compartment of a vehicle is monitored and analysed, the reading of the Lubri-Sensor is recorded on the Identigraph, along with the speed/time meter reading and date. This procedure is repeated each time the oil is tested and over a period of time a graph develops. Under normal operating circumstances without any problems the gradient of the graph will be consistent. If any problems occur in the engine, for example, water jacket leak, excessive silicon (dust) or fuel contamination in the oil, there will be a sharp rise in the gradient of the graph as the Lubri-Sensor will give a higher than usual reading. This alerts the operator to the fact that there could be a potentially serious problem, and thus preventative maintenance measures can be taken to investigate and rectify the problem before serious damage or breakdowns occur.

On-Site and Remote Oil Quality Monitoring Services

Being one of the key elements of the Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept, PM Lubricants offers customers two Oil Quality Monitoring Services using the Lubri-Sensor or Lube-Safe Electronic Oil Quality Analysers:
1. Our On-Site Monitoring Serviceis used by those people who own their own monitor or have their oil monitored On-Site by a PM Distributor
2. Remote Monitoring Serviceis for people who don't own a monitor and aren't close to a PM Distributor who can monitor the oil for them. They post used oil samples to the PM Lubricants office for analysis from a 'remote' location

People using the Remote service simply purchase a PM Remote Monitor Kit, which consists of three small oil sample bottles, tube for extracting oil samples, 2 padded, post paid envelopes to post oil samples in, instruction sheet, and oil data sheet. Oil samples are posted to PM Lubricants' Brisbane office where they are analysed free of charge with a Lubri-Sensor, and a detailed report is faxed, phoned or mailed back to you the same day, advising you of what action to take. That action may be one of the following:
1. Change oil filter only and top up, oil in service OK. Monitor oil again prior to next scheduled oil filter change or in 'X' number of kilometres or hours
2. Change filter and oil
3. Problem detected in oil – take appropriate action e.g. lab test required to determine cause of problem
For more information about on-site monitoring and diagnostics, contact PM Lubricants directly at info@pmlubricants.com.au
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