Lubri-Sensor Oil Quality Analyser

The Main Benefits of a Lubri-Sensor Quality Analyser

(These units are currently unavailable but we are working on bringing a new model out very shortly)
  • Saves you time, money, and breakdowns
  • Accurately measures quality of oil in service
  • Shows total contamination of lubricant
  • Allows you to safely judge how long the oil can stay in service
  • Determines safe and cost effective oil and filter change intervals
  • Enables you to safely extend oil change intervals
  • Detects Fuel and Water contamination in lubricant
  • Alerts you to potential equipment malfunction and/or failure before it happens
  • Saves frequent and unnecessary lab tests - it tells you when and if you need a lab test
Since they began using and marketing them in 1978, PM Lubricants has found the *Lubri-Sensor and its smaller counterpart, the *Lube-Safe, to be totally reliable, dependable and accurate. They highly recommend them for people who own and operate multiple pieces of equipment, as their regular use will literally save you thousands of dollars in the long term.
*PM Lubricants are the Australasian distributors for both the Lubri-Sensor and the Lube-Safe.

Lubri-Sensor Oil Quality Analyser Information

The Lubri-Sensor is an easily operated, hand-held field test instrument for determining the overall change, or deterioration, in motor oil resulting from use. If used regularly and with adequate documentation (e.g. PM's Identigraph Reports), the Lubri-Sensor offers the following advantages:
  • Maximisation and safe extension of intervals between oil changes.
  • Early detection of mechanical failures in conjunction with preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Avoidance of unnecessary engine damage resulting from overly used lubricants.
  • Reduction in the number of costly and unnecessary laboratory analysis of oil samples.

What is a Lubri-Sensor

The Lubri-Sensor is an electronic instrument that measures the dielectric constant of lubricating oils. The instrument does not yield absolute values, but, instead, makes possible a quantitative determination of the change (deviation) of the dielectric constant between fresh (unused) oil and a sample of used oil. This deviation is an indicator of the overall condition of the used oil.Exhaustive testing by the Lubri-Sensor manufacturers (and extensive field use by the founders of PM Lubricants since 1978), clearly proved that the deviation of the dielectric constant of motor oil is clearly in direct correlation to the duration of usage of the oil i.e. the time the oil is in service. All oils show a progressive reduction in "quality" with longer use.
By testing and using Lubri-Sensors in conjunction with proper laboratory testing of lubricants in actual use, it was also clearly demonstrated that improving oil quality, increasing sump capacity and/or using micro-filtration greatly reduces the rate of oil deterioration, making it possible to safely and greatly lengthen the interval between oil changes.
The comparative analysis of oils in actual use demonstrated that a good correlation exists between the results established through laboratory methods and the change in the oil's dielectric constant as measured by the Lubri-Sensor.
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