Key Distributors/Environments Effects

Key Distributors in Australia and New Zealand

Distributors are listed alphabetically by region below. You can contact any of these distributors direct for technical and sales information. To find out contact details of a distributor closer to your area if none are listed below, contact our National Office in Brisbane, Australia by:
Phone: +61 7 3711 5822    
Fax: +61 7 3711 5741    
Email: Click to email us    
Mail: PO Box 313, Sumner Park QLD 4074, Australia.  
If there are no distributors easily accessible to your area, you can simply direct all your inquiries to our National Office as per above contact details.


Acacia Ridge QLD 4110 
Hi Side Leather Repair 
13 Highbury Street
Tel: 1300 447 433 
Brendale Qld 4500 
Micks Bike and Car tyres Unit 
1/6 Johnstone Rd
Tel: 07 38810033 
Bundaberg QLD 4670
Bundaberg Towing Service
Mr Brenton Smith
Tel: 07 4153 6044

Charleville QLD 4470
Tas Mini Motors
103 Alfred St 
Tel: 07 4654 1732

Chinchilla QLD 4413
Mr Keith Smith
Tel: 07 4668 9376

Clifton QLD 4361
Keystone Santa Gertrudis
Mr Ian Dieckmann
Tel: 07 4697 3346

Coopers Plains QLD 4108
999 Automotive
Unit 3/806 Beaudesert Road
Tel: 07 3272 3318


Deniliquin NSW 2710
Rick M. Boord
67 Decimus St
Tel: 03 5881 7022

Manilla NSW 2346
Mr. Stewart Dowe
Tel: 02 6769 7578

Tenterfield NSW 2372
Mr. Col Mann
Col Mann Diesel
7 Railway Tce 
Tel: 02 6736 1566
Goodna QLD 4300
Perfection Autos
57 Smith Road
Tel: 07 3288 4405

Gympie QLD 4570
Mr. Paul Buchanan
Tel: 07 5483 3782
Ipswich Qld 4305
Racing Evolution
90 Hall St
Yamanto Qld 4305
Tel: 073281 7482
Mackay and Far North Queensland
Lubrication Active
Brian & Christine Rutland
49985851 M.0419771825.
Maleny QLD 4552
Rose Engineering
Mr. Barry Rose
Tel: 07 5494 2899
Mobile Mechanic Covering Brisbane
Onsite Automotive & Performance
Call Mark 0403476855
Taroom QLD 4420
Mr. Frank Heywood
Tel: 07 4628 3227

Warwick QLD 4370
Killarney Small Engines
Mr. Bruce Gustafson
Tel: 07 4664 1267

New Zealand

Maungatapere Transport
PO Box 7
Whangarei NZ
Tel: 09 434 6632

South Australia

Loxton SA  5333
Ray Pash Enterprises
1 Tomlinson Court
Loxton SA  5333
Tel: 0403 404 063


Numurkah Vic 3636
Mr. Charlie Thomas
Tel 0358658268

PM Lubricants are Kinder to Our Planet's Environment

Because PM Lubricants last so long in service, up to 70 to 80% of your normal oil drains can be eliminated! That adds up to a lot less used oil being dumped on our environment! PM's environmentally responsible oils are good news for our planet. Waste oil management and disposal is a growing global problem of enormous proportions, concern and consequences, costing communities, business and governments millions of dollars per year.
"Any one who owns, drives or operates any kind of machine, equipment or vehicle that requires lubricating oil, is a waste oil generator."
Approximately one million litres of oil are sold into Sydney (Australia) alone in just one day. Some of that is burnt, the majority becomes waste oil requiring disposal - somewhere. Every year, Australians use in excess of 514,000 Kilolitres of oil and grease - 250,000 Tonnes of those lubricants enter our environment, causing pollution, contamination and untold damage.
Recent German research has revealed that as little as one litre of mineral oil can render one million litres of drinking water unfit for human consumption.
So, the question is "What can each one of us do to reduce the quantity of waste oil being generated, and thus lessen the environmental impact and damage caused by waste oil?"

3 Major Environmental Benefits of Using PM Lubricants

  • By using PM Lubricants, which are capable of greatly extended oil drains, (see footnote below), you will make several vital contributions to your environment. With their proven ability of safe, extended oil drain intervals three to ten times longer than normal oils, using PM Lubricants has the potential to eliminate up to 80% of your oil drains.
  • The result is that you will generate far less waste oil (and empty oil containers), resulting in a considerable reduction in environmental contamination and damage.
  • The Extraordinarily High Film Strength of PM Lubricants also results in a proven 10% average improvement in fuel economy.
  • Lower fuel consumption = less exhaust gas emissions and pollution entering our atmosphere.
  • The outstanding wear control and friction reduction provided by the Extraordinarily High Film Strength in PM Lubricants, results in a significant drop in wear and tear on parts, with a subsequent drop in spare parts consumption.
  • Result - less rubbish and scrap metal going into landfill.
By using substantially less oil and fuel, you are also helping with the preservation and conservation of our dwindling oil and fuel resources. Without doubt, PM Lubricants truly are Environmentally responsible lubricants for environmentally responsible people.
  • PM Engine Oils in Cars are capable of up to 50,000 Klms. in service
  • PM Engine Oils in Road Transport/Agricultural/Earthmoving Equipment are capable of up to 100,000 Klms/1,000 Hrs and more in service (See 3 Major Enviro Benefits above)
NB - The distance or time oil stays in service in individual vehicles depends on the equipment and operating conditions. PM Lubricants ONLY recommends extended oil drain intervals when using their proven lubricants in conjunction with their On-Site, Diagnostic, Electronic Oil Quality Monitoring service.
For more information on stockists in Australia, contact PM lubricants directly on
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