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About PM Lubricants

Since 1982, PM Lubricants Australia has been formulating and manufacturing extremely high quality lubricants specifically designed for Australia’s demanding and varied conditions. Our primary goal is to design and provide the best lubricants possible along with the best predictive and preventative maintenance lubricant technology available. Used together, we confidently guarantee you will reduce your total operating costs by 15%.

6 Reasons to Choose PM Lubricants 

PM Lubricants should be your first choice when it comes to high quality engine oils, here’s why:
  • Superb engine oils for road transport, agricultural, earth moving, mining, marine and industrial applications capable of 100,000 Klms / 1,000 Hrs or more between oil changes with total safety
  • Automotive engine oils so powerful that after a full season of racing, mechanical race engineers can find no measurable wear on any engine component.
  • Powerful gear oils that genuinely reduce gearbox and diff temperatures by 20 degrees or more
  • Tough hydraulic oils that won’t overheat or stop working even in the most arduous conditions, causing stoppages and lost money while you wait for them cool down
  • Greases that stay where you put them 10 times longer than you’d expect
  • Two stroke oils that don’t foul spark plugs and don’t smoke, that increase power output so much, you win races just by using them. Also double engine life  

The Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept ®

PM's lubricants will last in service between 2 to 10 times longer than normal commercial lubricants, depending on application and operating conditions.Because they last so long in service, it soon became evident in the early 1980's that we had to develop a simple and cost effective program whereby both the potential of the lubricants and the benefits to the end user could be maximized.Over a 5 year period during the 1980's, PM Lubricants Australia developed and refined the operating procedures and parameters of what we now call the Complete, Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Concept® - the world’s most advanced lubrication system. Simple to use, but powerful and effective in operation, it combines fast, accurate On-Site, Diagnostic, Electronic Oil Quality Monitoring Equipment as approved by the United States Air Force MEEP Report together with extremely high quality, Preventative Maintenance Lubricants formulated and manufactured by PM Lubricants Australia.The primary benefit of this unique lubrication concept to the end user is major financial savings on plant and equipment operating costs plus increased earning power - particularly for fleet operations. It has proven so successful since its inception that we confidently guarantee that by using the concept you will convert a minimum 15% of your total operating costs into profit. A distillation now of 20 plus years of experience in the development and application of lubricants for Australia’s demanding conditions, this cost effective lubrication concept is more relevant and necessary now than ever before in today's high tech, expensive vehicles and machinery. 

PM Lubricants Hand Held, Electronic Oil Quality Monitors 

The accurate, easy-to-use, handheld Lubri-Sensor. PM Lubricants Australia is the Australasian distributor for Lubri-Sensors and Lube-Safes - accurate, fast, electronic oil quality monitors for on-site use. These easy to use, hand held instruments are used for the on-site, diagnostic, electronic oil quality monitoring procedures of the lubrication concept. Using a Lubri-Sensor or Lube-Safe, you can know the condition of any oil in service, on-site, within a couple of minutes, instead of having to wait days for lab test results. That benefit alone can save you thousands of dollars in lost time or down time.
NOTE: These units are currently unavailable but we are working on bring a new model out very shortly

Learn to Compare “Costs per Annum" Instead of "Costs per Drum"

Naturally, the initial cost to purchase PM Lubricants is higher than the cost of normal commercial lubricants, however, when using such high quality lubricants, we invite you to compare "Costs per Annum" instead of "Costs per Drum". You will discover a big difference. We have been providing these products to customers in numerous industries throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Hong Kong since 1982. Remember, a dollar saved is a dollar profit.  No matter what your application, we have the lubricants to meet your needs and requirements.
If you genuinely want to reduce costs and save money, and you can think outside the traditional lubrication square, please investigate what we have to say and get in touch with us.
You will be glad you did – info@pmlubricants.com.au
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